The Diary of the Anxious Blogger

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January the third and I’ve already reverted back to old habits. I set my alarm for 10.00 am today but yes you guessed it I over slept. This anxiety malarky has a habit of making us feel completely drained, that and a messed up sleeping pattern leads to the finger hitting the snooze button on the alarm. It’s funny really, I got myself so worked up about my New Year’s Resolutions and barely a day in it’s already going Pete Tong!

I suppose the purpose of this post is to understand that not everything will go the way we want it to. There’s no point in setting goals if we don’t consider the drawbacks. As Charles de Gaulle said ‘We may have lost the battle but we have not lost the war.’ The year is 365 days long so that means we have 365 opportunities…

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