The Diary of the Anxious Blogger

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I see the body of a shark

Its eyes fixed on its prey

Alone now stuck in the dark

Will it live to see another day?


I hear the buzzing of the bee

I’m pretty sure it’s coming for me

Please, don’t land in my tea

Racing around it hops on my knee


I taste the poison in the potion

It trickles down my throat

A slow type of notion

Do pass me that note


I feel the beating of my heart

Nobody told me about this part

Speaking out loud

Oh, wouldn’t I be proud

The impossible mission

My ultimate vision

There it is again

I go to grab my pen

Sorry Mrs I have to leave

But why?

You’re not going to die

You see I’m about to heave

Please anxiety leave me alone

I’ll call you, we’ll talk…

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