4 Simple Steps to Manage Exam Stress


Revision and exams can be a difficult period for many reasons— as touched upon in my previous post, exams can affect our lifestyle. Whether you’re forced to cut down on the gym, change your diet or sleep less, exams can cause frustration. In light of this matter, I have decided to follow a plan to help manage stress and anxiety.


I’ve often made the mistake of revising deep into the night and to be frank it just isn’t healthy. I decided to follow a schedule which involved waking up earlier, revising in the day and switching off at night. I find having a routine helps manage work which in turn reduces stress levels and subsequent anxiety.


OK I’m not telling you to spend all your time in the gym but consider exercising for a short period for a couple of times a week. I find the gym is a place to let off steam and any frustration built up inside—this way you can benefit from any negative energy and return to your work with a clear mind.


Sounds obvious, right? Believe it or not a lot of us forget to drink water throughout the day—relying on energy drinks or caffeine boosts but water is scientifically proven to help with concentration. So, ditch that coffee for a nice, cold glass of water!


Drawing upon the first point, I’d strongly recommend to plan your work around your sleeping schedule—allow for at least 7-8 hours a night which will help you to feel refreshed when it comes to revision. Stick to a schedule that allows this amount of rest and try not to compromise sleep for work. I understand that some of us struggle with sleeping difficulties but at least try and rest even if you’re just laying down.

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