Therapy and Me

For those of you that don’t know I’m currently receiving my second session of therapy after a short spell last summer. In all honesty, I don’t know how effective it’s really been I mean it’s good to talk to people but it hasn’t reduced my anxiety and certainly hasn’t ‘cured’ it (I use the term loosely as I understand that the anxiety will most likely always be with me).

After our last session, my therapist told me that I have five sessions left until the course is up. It hit me that over the seven weeks I haven’t really dealt with the problem—partly because I’m reluctant to do so but also because I feel my therapist is content with discussing the issue rather than dealing with it directly. She often asks me how I’m going to tackle the problem, but I simply don’t know how. I’m too polite to turn around and tell her that I want her to answer that question so I make up a response knowing full well I won’t go through with it.

The term therapist is in itself interesting. According to Google the actual definition is as follows: a person who treats psychological problems; a psychotherapist. Therefore, I would challenge the role of my therapist as I perceive her to suit the role of a counsellor rather than a therapist— there is no real desire to cure but the obligation to listen is evident.

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I’d be very interested in hearing your own experience with therapy. How successful was it? Did you have more than one therapist? How many times have you had therapy and was it for the same issues?

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  1. I have been in therapy since I was about 7 years old off and on. It was nice getting things off my chest but we never dig deep to figure out what the true issues were. Mainly because I was blocked. I didn’t want them to know. I played a part similar to what your sharing (I stopped seeing someone when I was about 23). About 3 years ago I had a mental break down (29 at the time) and my family dr wouldn’t give me medication. Made me go to the psychiatrist and then they made me see a therapist and I went kicking and screaming (figuratively). He was a male. I thought to myself HA…this will never work but I have no choice. It ended up being the best connection I’ve ever had and for the first time in my long line of therapists I’ve been able to tell him everything.
    Things I’ve literally never told anyone in my entire life and no longer need to feel the shame as deeply. It’s a long process and I’m in no way cured. It makes things a bit easier though. I’m still slowly coming out of my clam shell and hope that in the years that follow it will be better and better. Good luck ❤️ I know the process can be daunting but maybe find someone new.

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